#DryJanuary : AlkoholFrei HefeWeizen (Rothaus Brewery)

Today’s alcohol free brew is the AlkoholFrei HefeWeizen by Rothaus Brewery which comes in a rather generous 500ml bottle. So, it’s a commitment in itself at that volume.

The lid gets fired off and I pour it to reveal an inviting amber hazy brew with a big white head. Can I just point out how much I enjoy the Rothaus label designs? The artwork on them is so cool.

On the nose, there’s a nice malt smell with a sweetness to it that I would say has elements of caramel and dare I say banana? Is that a thing? It is now I guess. I’m intrigued.

To taste, it’s got a light to medium body, light carbonation and there’s the sweet caramel taste coming through with the malts and hops.

If you’re looking for a decent non-alcoholic Hefe then you might want to check this one out as the flavours here really make up for the lack of a percentage.

I’d give this 2.8 Heffeybois out of 5



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