Unite Tribute IPA (Wild Card Brewery)

Let’s kick start the new year with a beer, shall we? The first Wednesday beer review of 2021 is the Unite Tribute IPA by Wild Card brewing company and it was brewed on International Women’s day as a collaboration between hundreds of women from across the brewing industry.

This brew comes in the form of a wee 330mlboi can, clocks in at a healthy 5.4% ABV and has fantastic artwork that stretches the whole way around the tin – it looks class.

I crack the tin, pour it and notice that it has a cloudy pale orange haze to it with a little white head that clears off pretty quickly.

On the nose, it’s quite hoppy and herb-ally, there’s a woodland forest floor kind of aroma about this almost. It’s not dank or anything but just has that sort of herb vibe about it.

I head in for a sip as I’m more than curious about how this is going to play out now. On the tongue, it’s crisp, fruity, tropical, citrusy and has a light to medium body to it.

There’s a surprising amount of fizziness to this as well and it’s almost like drinking a bottle of fizzy orange if I’m honest. The lemon and melon flavours are noticed in there too but I think the fizz is a bit overpowering here and takes away from the amazing flavours.

All in all, it was ok. I‘ll keep an eye out to try it again at some point for a second go at it.

I’d give this 2.9 hazybois out of 5


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