DDH Sabro Pale (Earth Station Brewery)

Holy smokes – it’s January 2021 – Happy New Year!

I try not to think of the passing of time too much, or at least not get bogged down in it.
Instead, let’s take it easy and make this fine day last with another beer review, shall we?

Today, we’ve grabbed the DDH Sabro Pale from Earth Station Brewery and at the time of writing, it’s the first time I’ve had anything from this lot so I can’t wait to see what they have in store.

This can comes in 330mlboi form and as we know by this stage, the DDH stands for Double Dry Hopped which is defined as this:

The hops are added to the beer-in-process post-boil, or on the “cold side,” when the liquid is in its primary or secondary fermentation phase. This allows the hops to impart all their wonderful aromas without leaving behind the bitterness you get when you boil them.

So basically, the hops are doubled. Sound!

I eagerly pour it into the tasting glass to reveal a hazy, golden amber liquid with a white head. The brew settles pretty quickly and doesn’t look too chaotic in there so I head in for the snifter test.

On the nose, there’s a strong whaft of coconut, citrus, fruits, hops and it actually does smell like a pina colada to be honest. There’s a real summer holiday aroma to this and I’m here for it.

I head in for a sip and notice the same elements in the taste as well, the coconut, citrus, tropical fruits, hops and pina colada elements fire right back at your tongue after making their presence known up the nose.

There’s a medium body and light carbonation to this which makes it really easy to drink and I’m generally having a good time with this. The bitter finish is quite refreshing as well.

Over all, I’d grab one of these again and I hope some day when we’re in some warm, sweaty country, we’re able to track some of these down, get them chilled to perfection and enjoy them by the sea. That would be the dream.

I’d give this 3.6 beachybois out of 5


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