Schwarzwälder Cherry Stout (Stroud Brewery)

So… Here we all are now then. This is the last Wednesday post of 2020!
What a crazy year, eh? I don’t need to remind you all but we got through it together.

The final beer review for 2020 is the Schwarzwälder Cherry Stout from Stroud Brewery and at the time of writing, I’ve not had brews by this crowd before so I’m keen to see what they can do.

This 330mlboi can clocks in at 5% ABV and has a real simple can design that I appreciate. I always like a can that just leaves it all out on main street for you as if to say ‘look, this is what I am, let’s get on with it’. He’s ballsy, I like this guy.

I pour the brew to reveal a dark ruby red liquid with a light brown head that looks deliciously toffee like and head in for a snifter. On the nose, there’s hints of cherry, caramel, malts and a rich sort of chocolate aroma to it as well. The mouth is watering so let’s go…

On the tongue, the sour cherry taste hits you first like a tonne of bricks. But only, pleasant, smooth bricks that sort of caress you with flavour instead of breaking anything. The carbonation here is very light as well and it has a medium body with a flavour that lingers until the next sip.

I’m enjoying the hints of chocolate in here as well which I’ve come to love about the majority of craft stouts these days. There’s a delicious cherry chocolate and a dark roasted coffee quality to this that’s really pleasant.

In summary, this was a grand tipple and although I’ve had better stouts, I’d happily revisit this at some stage. It’s worth checking out if you see it somewhere near you!

I’d give this 3.2 stoutbois out of 5


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