WIN Mittelfruh Vienna Lager (Flavourly X First Chop Brewing)

Yes, it’s no secret that I love Christmas as you may have heard on the podcast and what better way to ring in the start of the Christmas holidays than the enjoy a little beer?

This can was actually gifted to me by Darren Matthews so shout out to him for chucking us a can. This one is the WIN Mittelfruh Vienna Lager which is a collab between Flavourly and First Chop Brewing. The brew comes in a 330mlboi tin and clocks in at 4.8% abv which is reasonable for a lager.

There’s no tasting glass today, no fancy times or anything because we’re sitting on the studio floor, taking turns playing drums and gossiping.

I crack the tin to have a little sniffter and notice the hoppy, fruity aroma coming out. On the tongue, it’s quite fruity, florally and crisp as well. In fact, the whole thing tastes quite clean.

As I head on down the can, I feel really refreshed and when you’ve been sweating it out behind the kit, this is a most welcome feeling. The light carbonation and slight bitter finish to the beer makes it an easy drink and I’m enjoying this little number for sure.

Overall, this would be a great gigging beer I think. Maybe you’re playing a little sweaty club and you have a few of these squirrelled away in the green room fridge, ready for that pre/during & post show cold refreshing drink. Sounds like a dream to me!

I’d give this 3.5 drummybois out of 5


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