Porter (Port City Brewing)

Today’s brew is the Porter from Port City Brewing Co and as you can see, there’s no fancy name, no pomp or bragging to it. This beer is simply here to say, look, you want a porter? I’m your guy, drink me – Colour me interested!

This porter clocks in at 7.2% ABV and has 45 IBUs so I’m thinking we’re going to be in for a good time here. I’m a big fan of porters and stouts as it is so I eagerly crack the lid of the 330ml bottle.

On the nose, there’s a distinct dark chocolate and coffee roasted aroma about it which is instantly pleasing. As you can see from the photo above there, the liquid itself is a really dark brown in colour with the head being an inviting caramel looking tinted brown colour too. The smell of it really gets the taste buds going.

On the tongue, you’re greeted with a full bodied dark chocolate coffee flavour as in the smell which opens up to a rich, sweet caramel and almost oaky quality to it. Despite it being a porter and in that ball park, it’s surprisingly smooth and has a really light carbonation to it so it’s really easy to drink. Admittedly, it goes down almost too well!

All in all, I’ve enjoyed this and I’ll definitely be going for another.

I’d give this 3.8 portbois out of 5


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