Exit Everything Double IPA (Yeastie Boys)

It’s almost Christmas! Are you excited?
Is your tree up? Have you been good for Santa?

That was me, just talking to my beer. Today, I’ve grabbed the Exit Everything Double IPA by New Zealand titans Yeastie Boys. Originally, I only bought a can of their beer because of the name resembling a band we all love but upon getting into a few of their range, it’s clear they’re far more than just a gimmicky name.

This 330ml can clocks in at a stonking 8% and touts itself as a ‘proper old school West Coast Double IPA. So let’s crack it and see how we get on, shall we?

The can itself has really simple, cool artwork as seen in the pic above there and to be fair, all their cans are fun to look at. I pour the brew into my tasting glass and notice the hazy golden amber of this DIPA lighting up the glass. There’s a generous white head on it too which seems to have a good cling as you work your way down the glass.

On the nose then? I’m getting pine, orange, grapefruit, hops and dare I say, a cheeky bit of spice in there too? I’ll dare, why not.

I head in for a sip and straight away notice why it’s 8% in ABV, there’s quite a strong boozy taste to this one with its full flavour. There’s strong hops present and more of that pine, grapefruit, spice and juicy fruity quality to it as well. It’s really pleasant on the tongue!

There’s a light carbonation to this and a light to medium body as well so it’s very easy to drink. In fact, you’ll have to remind yourself to take it slow as this has that moreish quality to it that’ll make you want to sink instead of just drink.

All in all, another delicious brew from the good people at Yeastie Boys.
Down there in NZ doing the Lord’s work.

I’d give this 3.7 Intergalactics out of 5


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