Pepper Spray IPA (Mikkeller Brewing)

Today’s can is the aptly named Pepper Spray by People Like Us, supported by Mikkeller brewing. I’m pretty excited about this as it calls itself a black pepper IPA and I’ve not had anything like this before now. This 330mlboi clocks in at 5.9% ABV and I crack the tin with glee.

Upon pouring it, as seen in the photo above, it poured a dark orange gold colour with what looked like black sediment almost. Not sure if this was an issue with the can or if it was supposed to look like that to be fair but I haven’t been able to find anything online that confirms it either way.

On the nose, there’s a malty sweetness to it and a hint of spice emanates from the glass. I head in for a sip and notice that peppery taste right away, the can wasn’t lying, that’s for sure!

On the tongue, it’s quite dry in a chalky sort of way, not that I’ve ever eaten or licked chalk but you can understand the thinking behind that. If I were to lick chalk, it would be dry like this I’d imagine, get off my case already – Jeez!

But this dryness gives way to a malt biscuity quality that is quite sweet and pleasant to the tastebuds. I had a fruity taste shining through a bit there as well but not too much in fairness to it.

After this though, the after taste is that peppery tinge you get at the start there and that sort of lingers with you until you head for the next sip and start the process again.

Overall? This is a strange one for sure. It was decent, check it out as it dares to be different.

I’d give this 2.8 peppybois out of 5


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