Take Up Space, Raspberry and Vanilla Spring Stout (Beer 52)

Huzzah! It’s that time again – grab a tin and join in the craic on this fine Wednesday. I’ve grabbed a cold one from the fridge and paired with an obscene amount of chicken wings (cropped out of the photos for reasons of shame). Let’s get stuck right in…

Today, I’ve got a bottle of Take Up Space, Raspberry and Vanilla Spring Stout which is a collab between the beer subscription box company Beer 52 and The Queer Brewing project who are a non-profit, collaborative beer initiative, raising awareness & funds for LGBTQ people both in the beer world and beyond.

This 330ml bottle clocks in at 4.5% ABV and has a really cool popping label on the front that I really enjoy. It kind of has a pink elephants feel to it almost! I pour the bottle into the glass and notice that it pours a dark ruby red with a bit of a light brown head as you’d see on a standard stout.

On the nose, there’s a distinct raspberry aroma and you can get a feel for a malt and hops scent shining through as well. On the tongue, it’s got that raspberry flavour which is quite pleasant but absolutely no vanilla to speak of, which is odd because it’s in the name.

It’s a sweet tipple with a dryness to it and a light carbonation as well. However, I would note that this doesn’t have the body of a stout, it’s really light and doesn’t have the same enjoyable stout qualities that I absolutely love.

In summary, if this sounds like your style, give it a go but it hit off the mark for me.
I’d give this 2.1 raspybois out of 5


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