Tupelo Hazy Pale Ale (Thornbridge Brewing / Salt Brewing)

REJOICE for we are back on the drink, we’re off the wagon and straight back onto the cans!

A huge thank you to every single one of you who supported us, donated cash to the Metal For Life Charity and helped us out during No Craic November.

We’re so happy to have done our little bit to raise funds and awareness for the good folks at Metal For Life. We’re so thankful that they are out there helping people and doing the excellent work that they do. You can still donate to them on their Web Site and get in touch with them for any mental health related advice.

Thank you again to Gareth from Metal For Life for guesting on last week’s Podcast which you can listen to HERE. It was a great chat about mental health, mindfulness and we got a bit nerdy about music.

Sooooooooo… Beer? Here’s the first beer I’ve had in over a month and it’s the Tupelo Hazy Pale Ale collab by Thornbridge Brewing and Salt Brewing. This 440ml tin clocks in at a healthy 5.5% ABV and boasts a whopping 7 different hops used in its creation. How about that?

I crack the can and get it poured out to see that it has a lovely hazy amber colour with a white head. The aroma here is quite malty, citrusy, fruity, hoppy, a hint of lemon and I’m gonna say mango as well? I can’t wait to taste this.

I head in for the first sip, let that swill around for a bit before gulping it down. Full disclosure, I’ve had this can in the fridge for a few hours to get it nice and chilled. The heat is blasting in the house and I’ve got some banging tunes on as well, currently listening to God is an Astronaut (an incredible post-rock band from Co. Wicklow).

On the tongue, there’s a light bitterness to it and a medium carbonation as well so straight away, I’m thinking it’s totally refreshing and quite juicy. I’m getting a wash of fruity hops, tropical fruit flavours, peach, mango, vanilla and a bit of pineapple too.

All in all, it’s a delicious can and I’m happy these two breweries got together to create this.
Well done!

I’d give this 3.9 Nick Caves out of 5



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