#NoCraicNovember : Non-Alcoholic IPA (Foxes Rock)

It’s day 18 of the annual Cans Across The World ‘No Craic November’ charity effort where we raise money for a chosen charity every year by giving up alcohol for 1 month.

This year, the chosen charity is Metal For Life who are an incredible mental health charity, you can donate directly to them on their Web Site https://www.metalforlifeni.co.uk/ or at their Pay Pal link here: https://www.paypal.com/gb/fundraiser/charity/3768593

You might notice from the photo that I’m not enjoying this tasty beverage from the comfort of my own home. Instead, I’ve gone a ramble up through nature with a mate.

A few hours of muck clad boots and many dad jokes later, we get to the ring fort at the top of the mountain where we sit for a bite to eat and a bit of light refreshment. An alcoholic real beer for himself and a boozeless tipple for me.

Today, I was happy to notice the Foxes Rock on the shelf with the non-alcoholic wording on it as I had no idea they made an alco-free version of their IPA. I’ve had pretty much everything by that brewery and it has always been reliable so I was excited to try this.

This is the Foxes Rock Non-Alcoholic IPA by Pearse Lyons Brewery, it comes in a generous 500ml bottle and clocks in at a 0% ABV.

I pop the lid, do a quick cheers with my pal and have a sniff. On the nose, there’s a malty, bready sort of aroma that you would get from the real deal.

On the mouth, it’s actually bursting with a beery flavour and you know what? It actually holds up nicely and doesn’t give way to that watery taste that you sometimes get with a non-alcoholic beer of this nature.

There’s a slight bitter finish with flavours of grapefruit, malts, biscuit and a medium carbonation. This is honestly one of the closest brews for replicating its boozy cousin but to be fair, maybe the reason it’s tasty is that it’s not trying to replicate, it’s attempting to elevate and be its own thing.

To sum up, I’ve loved this brew and standing on top of a mountain inside a beautiful ring fort dating back to 1000AD is probably the best place to have sampled it.

I’d give this 3.4 druidbois out of 5


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