#NoCraicNovember : Hipster Krunk Punch Candy Sparkling (BOHAE)

Bohae Hipster Krunk Punch Candy Sparkling (Country of Origin: South Korea)

It’s day 16 of the annual Cans Across The World ‘No Craic November’ charity effort where we raise money for a chosen charity every year by giving up alcohol for 1 month.

This year, the chosen charity is Metal For Life who are an incredible mental health charity, you can donate directly to them on their Web Site https://www.metalforlifeni.co.uk/ or at their Pay Pal link here: https://www.paypal.com/gb/fundraiser/charity/3768593

Well, here are are now… One day over the hump of No Craic November and we’re moving steadily towards the end of the month. What a journey it has been so far, eh?

Anyway, let’s get tucked into this little review.

I’ve been living up the road a bit from this large Asian supermarket and never ventured in because I thought it would be like a cash & carry or Makro set-up where you need to be a card carrying business owner. Turns out any one can shop there and turns out, it’s incredible.

I picked up a bunch of treats but the one I’d like to speak about is the Candy Sparkling Soft Drink by the BOHAE company from South Korea.

The can drew me in with its cute little blue bear logo. The little guy is chilling with the boombox with a stern look on his face and a cap pointed skyward with ‘Krunk’ written on it. What a bad ass.

I pour the can into my little tasting glass and notice the lovely candy sweet aromas straight away.

There’s a candy floss kinda fair ground smell to this and it smells so sweet with loads of little bubbles in there engaged in a frantic circle pit.

To taste, it’s much of the same, very sweet and has the classic cream soda texture with hints of bubblegum and candy floss I’ll say but none of the dryness you’d get from the floss.

I’ve really enjoyed this soft drink and I’m happy to have ventured over to the Asian supermarket to check out their range. There are so many great juices in there!

I’d give this 3.2 Krunkybears out of 5


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