#NoCraicNovember : Zywiec Lager 0% (Zywiec Brewery)

It’s day 11 of the annual Cans Across The World ‘No Craic November’ charity effort where we raise money for a chosen charity every year by giving up alcohol for 1 month.

This year, the chosen charity is Metal For Life who are an incredible mental health charity, you can donate directly to them on their Web Site https://www.metalforlifeni.co.uk/ or at their Pay Pal link here: https://www.paypal.com/gb/fundraiser/charity/3768593

Today, we’ve got the Zywiec Lager from Zywiec brewery which of course, like most breweries over in that neck of the world is owned by Heineken. It’s not a slate by any stretch but just an observation at this stage.

This 330ml bottle comes in a lovely old school looking brown with the label boasting a proud red and blue colour. I pop the cap to pour it into the tasting glass to reveal a darkish golden colour with a generous head on it. There’s actually a bit of cling to the glass as the head starts to go down as well which gives it a beer style authenticity.

On the nose, it smells a bit boozy like a real lager so at this point I’m wondering if the 0.0% ABV is a lie and this is actually a real beer. It’s not… Or I’d be breaking the laws of No Craic November. There’s a grainy, caramel and malty smell coming off it here too.

To taste, it tastes more or less exactly the same as the smell with the brew having a watery texture to it that gives itself away as an alcohol free beverage. The taste just doesn’t hold up in the same way its alcoholic cousin would.

There’s a light carbonation here and it’s actually a pleasant drink. I’ve probably said it before but I wish they sold this calibre of non-alcoholic drink in bars as I’d happily drink one of these in there on nights where I want to socialise but give the kidneys and liver a rest, colour me impressed!

I’d give this 2.9 grainybois out of 5


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