So Many Beer Names Pale Ale (Boundary Brewing)

It’s almost Hallowe’en and here we are with a spoooooooky tinny. Well, it’s not spooky at all really, scratch that. I could have just deleted that and started again but sure, let’s leave the bad attempts at humour in, shall we?

Joining us today is So Many Beer Names which is a pale ale from local legends Boundary brewing. Honestly, if you get the chance, listen to ‘Get Lucky’ by Daft Punk but also, drink ANYTHING by Boundary, you’re gonna have a good time.

This 440ml can clocks in at 4% ABV and as with all the Boundary range, the art is class. They always have this gorgeous abstract artsy kind of vibe about their cans so it’s real pleasing to look at and their beer names are always class too. Oh God, am I fan boying already? Damn.

Anyway, I crack the can and fill the glass up. It pours an interesting orangey amber haze with a white head on it and it looks like an absolute treat ready to quench ones thirst.

On the nose, there’s a lovely citrus note flying about there along with orange and grapefruit. I head in for a sip to find that it’s as smooth as it looks, like super smooth. There’s a mild bitterness to this and a sweetness that makes you keep wanting more. There’s a light carbonation here and a hoppy finish to it as well.

All in all, I’ve enjoyed this brew and I’d happily have a few more of these. The fruity taste is just right and isn’t too overpowering so I reckon you could get away with having a few of these in a row. And at 4%, it’s quite session-able too so you’re flying!

I’d give this 3.8 fruitybois out of 5


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