Pimpam Pumpkin (Tyris Brewing)

With Halloween fast approaching we decided to tackle this spooky little number from Tyris Brewing. I was able to grab this one from Lidl while I was in Spain. The last of the stock and grinning menacingly from the back of a shelf.

This is my first go at a pumpkin ale and I must say it took me by surprise.  This one pours as dark orange and brown and gives off a pumpkin, almost tomato aroma.

Taste-wise there is an initial hit of traditional ale but it opens up to reveal an entire world of flavour. Ginger and nutmeg begin to form a presence which makes way for cinnamon to steal the show. Early opinion is soon cast aside for this brave new world.  Slight sweetness of pumpkin but not exactly overpowering and more of a roasted pumpkin vibe. 

This is really enjoyable as a Halloween novelty and while I’m now open to the style, this is not a specific ale I would go back to. It is a grower however and the flavour wouldn’t be out of place a Christmas given the presence and warmth of cloves.

330ml bottle boi, 6.4% : I give this one 3.2 Jack Skellingtons out of 5


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