The Freud Vienna Ale (Mashdown Brewing)

Today’s tasty tipple comes from Mashdown brewery, based in County Down and I’m really excited for this as at the time of writing, it was my first brew from them.

This one is The Freud Vienna Ale which comes in a rather generous 500ml bottle and clocks in at a toasty 4.8% ABV. The setting here is fantastic too, great company and we’re huddled around a fire pit in the yard swapping stories and craic. Only, one of us is reviewing a beer, taking mental notes as it were.

But without pulling back the curtain too much… Let’s get stuck in!

I crack the lid and notice a nice hoppy aroma emanating from the bottle, it’s inviting and it’s saying ‘hey man, come in, the water is class’. Alright, I’ll bite.

I head in for the first sip and notice right away the malty, sweet and slightly bitter quality to it. It has a medium body I’d say and really coats the back of the mouth in this lovely little roasty flavour with hints of fruit and hops.

The beer is drinking nicely and I’m having a great time with it at this stage. As you probably know yourself, there is some amount of drinking in a 500ml bottle so I’m taking my time with it and you know what? It’s going down super easy.

All in all, this is a tasty brew and I’m glad it was tasty as well, due to the sheer volume of the bottle. If it wasn’t nice, I’d have a much harder time getting through this. I can’t wait to try more from the Mashdown brewery range as this was an absolute corker of a first beer to try from them.

I’d give this 3.4 Sigmund’s out of 5


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