Cheshire Chocolate Porter (Unicorn Brewery)

Another one of those great finds at Marks and Sparks. Apparently it’s acceptable to buy crafty bois from there since they started stocking Mikkeller (the Gatekeepers choice brew).

The smell gives nothing away so I’m expecting something subtle. I like a chocolate porter to be just that – rich dark roasted malt and chocolate. It pours as a brown color, transparent but like a dark beer. In the glass it gives away some of its secrets smellwise but again not a lot to go on. Subtle aromas of malty burnt cocoa.

On the taste it’s watery thin and probably the lightest porter i’ve ever experienced. Not a lot of body to it. The chocolate flavour is weak and and makes for a nice aftertaste but not an outlandish profile by any standards.

The bottle boasts that this is based on an original recipe from 1899 and brewed in collaboration with renowned Chocolatier Simon Dunn. I don’t know who that is but i think he needs to do better. It could’ve been one of those group projects like in school.

I wrote the tasting notes for this ages ago and went out this morning to buy another 3 bottles, only to discover i wasn’t as fussed on it as i previously thought.

Overall it’s not bad. If you want a light chocolate-themed porter this is the one for you, but i prefer my porter to have more body. I’d say it’s on the dark beer end of style – the chocolate porter of the family as it were.

2.5 horny horses out of 5.

Stu Luke ( beer blog and podcast

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