Egunero IPA (Naparbier Brewery)

Happy Wednesday once again and on this fine day, we’ll be checking out a beer from a brewery we’ve never tried before so as you can imagine, I’m very excited!

Today’s brew review spot goes to Naparbier brewery which is a micro brewery located in Navarra, Spain. Here’s a lil blurb about the brewery itself:

‘Naparbier is a Spanish microbrewery located near Pamplona (Navarra). It was founded in 2009 in Navarra, Spain by Juan Rodríguez, Josu Tañine, Txerra Aiastui and José Javier Rodríguez. They knew each other from their previous job in their former company, but after a downsizing plan they lost their jobs. After that, and with the money they got from their unemployment insurance, they decided to found Naparbier as a brewing cooperative.’

What a story, eh? Interesting beginnings for the company. The first thing I notice about the can is the art work, as seen in the photo, it this pretty surreal image of brewing equipment in a head. The art work is done by Error! design who are the very talented artists behind art work you may have seen used by Mastodon, Russian Circles, Metallica, Wolfmother and loads of others.

This is one of those times where you get excited by the brewery, company and list of collaborators! The beer itself comes in a 440ml can and clocks in at a healthy 6.1% ABV.

Anyway, I crack the can and pour it into my eagerly awaiting tasting glass. It pours a hazy blond with quite a thin head and on the nose, it smells quite light and floral with citrus fruits shining through.

On the mouth, it’s very lightly carbonated, fruits like orange and citrus are present in the taste and there are light hops at work here too. There’s a medium to light body here which makes the beer really easy to drink. There’s a slight bitterness to this as well which is quenching my thirst to no end.

To sum up, I’ve enjoyed this brew and would happily have it again. I think the tin cost about £4.50ish though and shopping online shows that some places charge £6+ for it which is quite a high price point if you’re looking to have a few of these (it’s worth it to be fair!). It’s definitely a treat beer for a special occasion.

I’d give this 4 artybois out of 5


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