Hefe Hefeweizen (McCrackens Real Ale)

Happy Wednesday! Today, I’m happy to say that I’ve grabbed a bottle of McCracken’s Real Ale. You may remember we did a spotlight article on McCracken’s a while back when Ryan McCracken himself kindly answered some of our questions.

You can read the article RIGHT HERE by clicking on that link and by some sort of HTML based magic, a new page will open with the little interview in full. Spoiler alert: It’s an interesting read!

Before we get stuck in – Shout out to The Wine Company on Ormeau road, Belfast which is where we found the McCracken’s range and a healthy host of other local craft beer in their well laid out and easily browsed store. Check them out when you’re next up that direction!

Today’s tipple comes in the form of the Hefe Hefeweizen which is in a rather generous 500ml bottle clocking in at 5% ABV.

The bottle design itself is pretty cool, stands out on the shelf and immediately draws your eye with the large white lettering, something which is pretty handy amongst the ever growing range of craft beer. A really cool personal touch on here is the McCracken family crest on there which to me signifies a mark of pride, it says ‘this isn’t just my beer, it’s our families’ and being an old romantic head, it’s really inviting.

The story on the back label goes:

McCrackens Hefe is an interpretation of the traditional bavarian Hefeweizen and influenced by Ameircan Wheat beers. Made with the highest quality wheat and complementary selection of hops, it gives it a bold, clean flavour with pronounced citrus and floral aroma.

I whap off the lid and have a little sniff before pouring it. On the nose, I’m getting a pleasant aroma of wheat, citrus and floral notes as well, as it says on the label so we’re doing well so far, the boasts are true! It smells very clean as well and there’s none of that dankness you might get on some brews of this nature.

By this stage, I’m pretty excited and I badly pour it into a glass. As you probably know by now from the podcast, I can’t pour a beer into a glass to save my life. So a bit of time goes by to let it settle and breathe. Maybe we should hire professional cansacrosstheworld.com pourers?

So… Beer? I raise up the glass for a sip, noting the smells emanating to greet me. On the tongue, there’s a light carbonation, it’s quite hoppy but not overly so, there’s a strong wheat taste and the drink is surprisingly smooth.

Again, I’ve had a few beers of this style and some of them tend to be overpoweringly strong but this isn’t one of them. This is a clean cut, citrusy and generally tasty experience. It’s got a medium body with the taste really lingering until your next drink as well. Colour me impressed!

To sum up – I’ve enjoyed this and I really wish I had gotten another bottle. Thankfully Wine Company is only around the corner from me so I can pop over at any time. I’d imagine this would be a good brew for a Sunday when you’re having a big roast, the wheaty goodness would lend itself well to being paired with your turkey and ham dinner.

Out of 5? I’d give this a 3.8.

Check it out when you get a chance!


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