Hop, Skip And Juice (Vocation Brewing, Manchester Marble Brewery)

Is Tom Hanks a fan of the brews? He probably is you know. He’s not made a bad film either. That’s a fact. I’m not sure what got me thinking about the Hankster but cracking this open i’m getting Cast Away vibes.

On the nose this one is all sweet and hop-infused pine. Full of joose. It’s loose. (aboot this hoose…)

On the taste-front there’s lip smacking going on. It registers on the India-end of the pale ale spectrum. On top of that it’s slightly bitter and juicy enough to go with your cornflakes.

It’s smooth on the mouth but there’s still good body to it. This one is light enough to enjoy without feeling like a meal but heavy enough to stick to 1 or 2.

Good for an afternoon reading a book in the sun or at the half way mark of a marathon. Could be the cabin fever talking, or it could be that tropically Simcoe and oaty finish – but i’m ready to be marooned somewhere sunny with a few of these. Hammock optional.

Top form. Give it a go. 3 Wilsons out of 5


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