Czech Please, Bohemian Pilsner (Hilden / Brewhive)

There’s something very satisfying about collaborations isn’t there? It’s a meeting of minds to achieve a common goal. Thousands of years from now when we’ve wiped each other out with radioactive weapons or engineered super virus’ and aliens find the remnants of our culture, i’d like to believe they would stumble across a good collab ale and say “Maybe they weren’t all arseholes”

The pour is a pale transparent straw colour. The waft from it fills the air with a distinctly pilsner-type aroma but with waves of malty and peppery goodness.

The bottle boasts include Saaz hops and rare Hana malt tell tales of delicate lasting bitterness. I can attest to that and would add that this brew delivers a high carbonation but a thin malt taste. It’s a pilsner problem rather than a brewing problem for me. The taste is wheaty but very much in-keeping with the style.

There is no head but a lingering foam with a good cling on the glass. Overall the flavour is full but the body is quite thin. This one does tick the boxes for the style though. As far as Pilsners go this Czech style (should all Pilsners not be Czech style?) contains a sharpness that fans will enjoy. I’ve tried to avoid using the word crisp in all its forms but this one is crispy.
Its got a crunch to it and is refreshing.

3.1 collab bois out of 5 beer blog and podcast

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