Spotlight: Bruha Brewing #HavingaBruha

It’s a very happy Sunday here in the Cans Across The World HQ. The lovely people of Bruha Brewing were kind enough to send us a sample pack of their beer to check out.

Bruha brewing is a Suffolk based brewery using the finest ingredients to make what we believe is great beer to enjoy with friends.‘ –

Today’s spotlight sees us reading what Bruha brewing themselves say about their own products as seen on the back of the can and straight after, you’ll find our review of what we thought.

Well, what are we waiting for? You might ask… What indeed – Let’s go go go!

Bruha Brewing Session IPA 3.9% ABV 330ml

What Bruha Brewing Say:

Our Session strength IPA is a light amber beer made with oats, wheat and munich malts that provide a subtle biscuity backbone on which we layer a good dose of hop bitterness. Hopped with Citra, centennial and cascade. This easy drinker is best enjoyed in good company.

What We Say:

I decided to start this tasting session off on the lowest ABV brew so I’m not too giddy by beer 3. I have to say, I love this simple can design on all 3 cans. Just a shiny aluminium solid can with the information printed on and very clearly stands out. This would stand out on a shop shelf I reckon and you can easily read what you’re in for.

The can gets its ring pulled and I chill for a minute, taking in the aroma of it. I can smell the clean, citrusy hops shining through and there’s a little malt coming through in the smell there as well. It really gets up the nose and makes itself right at home!

To taste, it’s incredibly light in carbonation and in the taste as well, it’s a great sipper which would make it perfectly sessionable. The taste is citrus, malty biscuits, hops and it’s generally quite a juicy number so I’m digging the flavour of this so far.

To sum up, I’ve enjoyed this and I’d love to try this on draft to see how it fares. It’s a good effort at a session IPA and I’d happily have it again at some point.

I rate this 3.3 out of 5

Bruha Brewing Parklife Lager 4.8% 330ml

What Bruha Brewing Say:

Bruha lager is our party headliner. Our British Style lager 4.8% abv is crafted using finest lager malt. It is light in colour, crisp and refreshing aromas, with a smooth body. Best served chilled and with a bit of foaminess.

What We Say:

The next in the lineup here is the Parklife Lager whose name I absolutely adore as it’s clearly a nod to Blur. It’s an apt name as well because you’d think of lager being a loud ‘n’ proud rowdyboi brew and there has always been a healthy pairing of Britpop music and pints of lager.

But anyway, that’s another story, we’re here to talk about the beer! The can is now open and I’m taking in the aroma of it. I notice that it doesn’t smell like your bog standard lager, this smells fancy like it has notions about itself. It has the hint of booze in the nicest way and I can tell that it’s going to be a straight to the point lager from its clean, malty smell.

On the mouth, it’s very smooth and not invasive like your mainstream lagers. You can really taste the craft and fine work of the Bruha brewers here in the flavouring. It’s very juicy, malty and light with a healthy carbonation to it.

I like that there are craft lagers and a few different breweries are giving it a go. We might one day end up with loads of tasty draft lagers like this in the pubs instead of just the macro brewed ones.

I rate this 3.2 out of 5

Bruha Brewing Nevermind IPA 5.6% ABV 330ml

What Bruha Brewing Say:

Bruha Nevermind India Pale Ale is our go to classic. The perfect combination of pale malt blended with simcoe and chinook hops creates a crisp, lightly coloured and 5.6% beer. Our IPA has citrus aromas with beautiful pine and passionfruit shining through.

What We Say:

And now we get to the end of this little Bruha run which has been fun by all accounts. This guy boasts a mighty fine 5.6% ABV which is the work of the simcoe and chinook hops having a strong armed skirmish with each other. Let’s bring this home…

On the nose, you can definitely get the aroma of a stronger brew at work here and there’s a little dankness to it. It has to be said that I enjoy a strong beer so I’m keen on getting the first sip. The aroma here is pine, malts and a biscuity quality as well.

To taste, it’s quite similar to the session IPA, although, you really notice the difference in ABV as this one packs a punch. There’s a nice biscuity malt taste, citrus, hops and it’s medium to light bodied as well. I’m keen on this and could imagine getting a few of these to have on a Saturday watching the football. Yeah, this one is my favourite of the three for sure.

I give this a 3.5 out of 5


We would just like to say a massive thanks to Bruha brewing again for sending us this sample pack of beers and introducing us to their wonderful range.

We will always be honest about beers and honestly, Bruha have created something beautiful here and we’re thrilled to have been introduced to their beers.

So go on, have a Bruha. Find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
And pop over to their website to grab your own.

Then, once you’ve sampled the fine cans Bruha have to offer, get in touch with us and we’ll give you a big internet hug and say ‘we told you so!’

That’s it from us on Bruha – have a fabulous week and enjoy yourselves.

Seán O’Neill

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