O-G HAZY NEIPA (Brewdog)

Today’s beverage is from Brewdog and it’s the O-G Hazy New England IPA. This 440ml tin clocks in at a feisty 7.2% ABV which isn’t off Mr. President which boasts an ABV of 9.2%.

If I’m honest, I’ve enjoyed pretty much everything from Brewdog so far but it seems they may be going the way of the big beer brands with a somewhat boring can design, compared to what they used to have on their tins, remember the textured ones? Kinda like fancy wallpaper, pure lovely.

Anyway, without harking back to times of yore, I’ll get this tin cracked. I poured it into my little tasting glass and let it settle for a bit. There’s a noticeable haze to it as it says on the tin, a lovely full orange glow to it with a slight head at the top there.

On the nose, there’s a distinct grapefruit smell to it with some citrus shining through. It’s pretty standard smelling for a NEIPA and my mouth is watering so I head in for a sip.

On the tongue, it’s really smooth with a medium to light body and it’s really Jeffy (Juicy), so much so that it’s thirst quenching and perfect for this warm day we’re having. To taste, I’m getting a slight bitterness, a fair whack of malt, strong hops and it’s quite light in carbonation so goes down easy.

All in all, this is a solid tropical and fruity NEIPA. To be fair, Brewdog are reliable in that regard, you’re not really gonna have a bad time with any of their beverages which is cool as you can just grab a tin and not really wonder if you’re pissing your money away, it probably will be tasty.

I’d give this 3.6 Hazybois out of 5



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