Lost Cosmonauts, DDH IPA (North Brewing Co.)

This unassuming can has been adorning big-chain supermarket shelves for the last year or so now. It’s presence is as regular as the couple debating tinned tomatoes, or the exhausted mother shepherding 3 children.

After a lengthy conversation about said tomatoes i got this one home and opened it for a sniff test – This one blasts off with a tropical mango smell and a cloud of pineapple. There’s some good promise from the smell alone.

It pours a full-bodied orange haze with minimal foam. This 440ml boi packs a 6% ABV tag. In the mouth the carbonation is light and the feel is smooth.

Getting into the taste – that smoothness opens into a citrus arena. LC is slightly sweet with a subtle bitter aftertaste. You can’t go wrong with oats and orange, that’s just a fact. Smooth. Juicy and rich.  There’s an inherent heaviness that comes with DDH but this one orbits the lighter end of that scale.

A lip-smacking flavour that may join our ever-elusive “Breakfast Beer” list. A space-worthy 4.1 Vladimir Ilyushin’s out of 5.

Lost Cosmonauts isn’t lost at all. I know exactly where it is.


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