CATW PODCAST Episode 72 – Daydreaming Of Far Off Lands IPA (Modest Beer)

This week, Seán flies solo to ramble about the 50th birthday sesh, The Rock getting Covid-19, Trump’s nobel peace prize nomination, Neil Buchanan is Banksy, missing live events and he shares some beer news.

The beer sampled this week is the ‘Daydreaming Of Far Off Lands IPA’ by Modest Beer.

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You can listen to our very latest podcast HERE :

Episode 90 – Hazy Morning APA (Pinta Brewery) Cans Across The World

In this episode, Seán wishes the Covid nonsense a happy 1st birthday, ponders the origins of the plastic basin in the sink, praises Lynx Africa and wonders how to survive a zombie outbreak. Also on the docket, some beer news and the weirder news stories of the week. The beer sampled was the Hazy Morning APA by Pinta Brewery.
  1. Episode 90 – Hazy Morning APA (Pinta Brewery)
  2. Episode 89 – I Hope This Pale Ale Finds You Well (Evil Twin) [w/ Darren Matthews]
  3. Episode 88 – Pan IPAni Double Wheat IPA (Trzech Kumpli brewery) [Guest. Darren Matthews]
  4. Episode 87 – Buried At Sea Milk Stout (Galway Bay)
  5. Episode 86 – Southwold Christmas Ale (Adnams)

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