Optimal Wit Witbier (Port City Brewing)

Port City Brewing have the honour of nabbing today’s coveted beer review spot with their Optimal Wit belgian style white ale or Witbier. It’s 4.9% ABV, 15 IBUs and comes in the form of a 330ml bottle.

I crack and pour the bottle to notice that it looks like a classic german wheat beer alright. There’s a light hazy amber there with a small white head. On the nose, it’s got wheat notes shining through here with lemon, grass and also hints of spiced herbs coming out.

On the tongue, it’s actually quite weak and I’m not getting the full wheat beer flavour of it. This might be a fault of the bottle or the beer but I’m feeling like this tastes more like a pilsner lager instead of a wheat beer. There’s a very light spice here that doesn’t really do anything to enhance the flavour of it and the spice clashes with the overall sweetness of the brew.

In saying that, the light carbonation and smoothness of this makes it drinkable but I’d probably not have another one. I’m not really feeling this one if I’m honest but there are a few redeemable qualities too. I do enjoy the lemon and grassy flavouring to it so maybe if it focused on being that instead of bring spice into the mix as well, it would fare better.

Unfortunately this wasn’t the beer for me but if you like white beers in the Belgian style, this one is for you!

I’d give this 2.6 witlessbois out of 5



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