Breakfast Club (Vocation Brewery / Yeastie Boys)

This little number was one of the first few brews we covered back in the early days of the blog. Sean tackled this one originally and I always wished i’d got to try it. Well didn’t Christmas come early for Disco Stu???

Getting my nose wrapped round the top of the tin it’s all blueberry, all damn day! A sweet coulis waiting to adorn fresh stacks of waffles.

The pour isn’t thick but there is a slight inperceptable cling and the carbonation looks to be midrange. The smell has opened up now to include a bit of cherry tartness.

Taste-wise we’re dealing with my absolute wheelhouse and something i would describe as dessert Stout. The blueberry comes into it’s own and reminds me somewhat of Big Blue by Stwart and Kinnegar (Our review here : but without the spiced aspect. This offering is smoother and sweeter by design.

Outside of a few Double IPA’s I would be content to tackle this at breakfast time. It would certainly set you up for the day (providing you’re not driving or operating heavy machinery. Actually you probably shouldn’t have this for breakfast. I’m unaware of the nutritional value but it’s probably not a good idea. Maybe on day 3 of a stag-do…..).

The flavour is sweet and slightly tart but not an effort to get through by any stretch, with the stout as the vehicle to carry it.

A fantastic collaboration between 2 CATW favourites and widely available in super-chain supermarkets across the UK. 6.9%, 440 ml boi (edition #0003).

I’m going to give this one a 3.7 waffles out of 5. Nom nom nom nom nom.

(You can check out Sean’s review of Breakfast Club here : beer blog and podcast

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