Deep Fake, Vienna Lager (Yeastie Boys)

Next up, we have this tipple in from Yeastie Boys in a little 330ml can – It’s a 4% Vienna Lager and has a sneaky little 20 IBU.

Can we take a moment to appreciate the can art? I’m a sucker for cute wee tins 🙂

The brew pours a lovely hazy yet light ruby red with a full creamy looking head. On the nose, I’m getting hints of floral and perfumed hops with fruits in there, berry by the smells of it.

On the tongue, it’s quite grainy and bready with a good biscuity malt to it. There’s a caramel after taste which kind of lingers for a while as well which is quite pleasant.

This is an interesting take on a lager as normally, as we’ve said on the podcast you’d associate lager with the boozy football watching pub proletariat. But here we have a full flavour take on the classic vienna lager.

This was lovely if I’m honest and as with the majority of Yeastie Boys brews, I’ve had a good time.

I’d give this a 3.8 fakebois out of 5



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