Black Mamba, Vanilla Milk Stout (Monyo Brewing)

This is one of those random pleasures that jumps out at you from a mixed box. A delivery came this morning and i immediately pegged this one as my “looking forward to” beer.

The first bite is with the eyes obviously and the same can be said for supping. The label is eye-catching and dare I say exciting. (life is too short)

By now you’re aware that between the 2 of us here at CATW I’m a fiend when it comes to stouts and porters. The weirder and sweeter the better! Judging by the words on this label we’re in for a treat.

The 6.8% Abv provides a bit of heft to the aroma – It’s screaming “Stouty with a hint of Vanilla”.

Black Mamba has a velvety-smooth mouthfeel for a stout that is so high in carbonation. The taste is all of that 6.8% and an all-round satisfying addition to the style.

The vanilla is light and compliments the Milk Stout aspect wonderfully.

A great brew all round and slightly more exciting than the likes of the Guinness Milk Stout offering.
A very cool micro brewery in Hungary, and judging by their Instagram account they take great pride in what they do and have fun with it.

3.8 Kill Bills out of 5


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