Whatever Next Pale Ale (Electric Bear Brewing Co.)

Whatever Next? I’ll tell you what next, it’s the Whatever Next? Pale Ale from Electric Bear brewing co. See what I did there? I’m smart. This brew clocks in at 4.8% ABV and I’m having this in the form of a 440ml can.

The can is cracked and can I say, there are fewer sounds more sonically pleasing than the sound of a tin opening. It might be in the same room as you or in the distance but once you hear a can ring pull crack, your ears prick up with delight.

On the nose, there’s a distinct hoppy, citrusy smell to this and the brew smells quite fruity. I head in for a taste and right away, I’m treated to a sea of flavour. The flavours being grapefruit, citrus and a light, crispy floral note.

There’s a dryness to this beer though, it’s not unpleasant but it feels like the flavour doesn’t really linger too well and gives way quite quickly. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the taste whilst it’s there, I’m having a good time with this for sure.

All in all, I’ve enjoyed this tipple and I’m thinking that it would taste far better on draught as this tin didn’t really seem to hold the carbonation and flavour the best.

I’d give this 3.5 Bearybois out of 5


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