Sour Solstice (London Beer Factory)

I know what you’re thinking : “WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU ABSOLUTE MAD MAN! SOURS ARE SEANS BAG. THIS IS NOT GOING TO GO WELL…” and to a certain extent you’re right. I’m famously not a fan of Sours but every so often i like to check in and affirm that. You know, just to check i still don’t like them. Broaden the old palette as it were….

The smell of this Berliner Weisse really does not do it any justice. The aromas are delivered around 5% of the actual taste which is fruity and punchy. Packed full of blood orange and cranberry notes, this one is up for a fight. It’s the sour that turns up to a christening ready for a day on the lash.

Wheaty pilsner taste seems hefty but the ABV is only 4.8%. I’ve reaffirmed that sours are still not for me, but this boi is an accessible addition to the style. If you’re a fan of fruit beer but not sours i’d still give this a go – it’s worth a shot. Whereas fans will probably find it a decent summer sour.

Can design is great – the removable top is always a winner for me and i’m not sure why.

I can see what they did here. I may not go back for more but i feel i’m one step closer to Sourtown. 2.5 lemons out of 5.

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