CATW PODCAST Episode 64 – Krušovice Imperial Pilsner (Královský Pivovar) + Strange Days IPA (Loch Lomond Brewery)

In this episode, Seán and Stu catch up over Skype after a little break. This week, the lads ramble about managing their mental health, Stu’s adventures in the Mourne mountains, Segways, Dark Tourism, Cancel Culture and they share some beer news.

The beers sampled this week were the Krušovice Imperial Pilsner by Královský Pivovar and Strange Days by Loch Lomond Brewery.

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You can listen to our very latest podcast HERE :

Episode 74 – Duvel Belgian Golden Ale (Duvel Moortgat Brewery) Cans Across The World

In this episode, Seán cracks a beer and sits down to ramble about his new job, the world beer awards, Bullhouse’s new taproom and crowdfunding goal, beer being racist, a house made out of cans and loads more. The beer sampled this week is the Duvel Belgian Golden Ale by Duvel Moortgat Brewery.
  1. Episode 74 – Duvel Belgian Golden Ale (Duvel Moortgat Brewery)
  2. Episode 73 – Quadditch Belgian Quadrupel (Larkins Brewing Co) + Blood Orange Pale Ale (Great South Bay Brewery) [W/ Darren Matthews]
  3. Episode 72 – Daydreaming Of Far Off Lands IPA (Modest Beer)
  4. Episode 71 – Scrabo Gold (Ards Brew Co) + Mickerbocker Glory (Bullhouse Brew Co)
  5. Episode 70 – Salty Kiss Gooseberry Gose (Magic Rock Brewing) + Mediterranean Lager (Anadolu Efes Brewery)

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