I Should Coco – Milk Stout (Lacada Brewery)

Following on from last Friday’s podcast where we sampled Mango NEIPA by Galway Hooker brewery, I’ve grabbed another local brew, this time from the good people at Lacada Brewery, based in Portrush.

As you’re probably well aware at this stage, we’re big fans of stout here at Cans Across The World and particularly fond of milk stouts. Basically, show us anything resembling a stout and our wee mouths will start watering.

I’ve grabbed a 500ml bottle of I Should Coco milk stout by Lacada Brewery which clocks in at 6.2% ABV.

A quick shout out here as well, I grabbed this from The Wine Company on Ormeau Road in Belfast. They have a great range of local beers, wines and spirits at reasonable prices, check them out!

I crack the bottle, pour it into my pint glass and let it settle for a minute. I’ve had this in the fridge for a few hours so it’s well chilled which becomes apparent by the condensation building on the outside of the glass.

It pours a delightful chocolate brown with a caramel coffee tinted head but soon gives way to that classic black stout colour when settled.

On the nose, there’s a right waft of chocolate brownies, pine notes and a caramel sweetness flying out of the glass which really gets up the nostrils to make the mouth start watering.

I head in for a sip, to be greeted straight away with a smooth, well rounded, full bodied texture. There’s a sort of woody oak and ash depth of flavour here that really coats the mouth, it hangs out and really gets ready to tell you its story…

…And what a story it is! The brew is pleasantly smooth and really lives up to its milk stout name.
There are coconut hints with the malts shining through in the taste here with a delicious caramel coffee chocolate sweetness which just seems to blend excellently.

The after taste leaves you totally satisfied and stays with you until you’re ready to head back for another sip. Another great stout for sure – full of flavour and character!

In summary then? I’ve enjoyed this and it was a real sipper for me. Not because it was hard to get through but because I didn’t want it to end… Ever.

This is a brew to be savoured and enjoyed at a pure leisurely pace. I’m going to head back up tomorrow to grab a few more bottles for the weekend, big fan of this for sure.

And the score? I’d give this 4 Cocobois out of 5



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