Banana Bread Beer (Eagle Brewing)

Captain Gimmick here again. Some maniac out there brewed a banana bread beer and I stepped up to take one for the team and review it. Begrudgingly. Obviously.

This is the most banana a banana thing has ever tasted. Like those foam banana sweets were milked into it. From the first sniff on the way to a hefty mouthful, my mind is filled with an image of a matronly woman baking golden brown banana bread and slathering golden syrup on top for good measure. This is a PG review so I’ll leave it there. Needless to say the taste is something else.

It’s very smooth and very sweet. The beer aspect of it is “Deeeeelicious” (as Nikki would say) and ultimately light and refreshing. Unless you’re a banana fan, (the type that goes to away games and stands on the sidelines every Saturday) you’re gonna hate this.

The bottle boasts “While others move cautiously, we soar fearlessly”. That should also read – “and make Stu’s insides feel like sunshine”.

5.2% ABV, 22.5 EBU (what’s EBU? It’s like IBU but with an E instead of an I. Not to be confused with the English Bridge Union)

Eagle is part of the Marstons portfolio, if you require that information before stating whether you like a beer or not. (Cos we know some of you do)

I’m gracing this with a 4.3 yellow bendy bois out of 5. More of that please.

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