Santo Dry Hopped Lager (Siren Brewery)

Today’s 330boi can is the Santo Dry Hopped Lager by Siren brewery. This guy clocks in at 5% ABV is classed as an India Pale Lager (IPL).

I crack the tin and notice that it pours almost as a traditional lager with a distinct haze that gives it away as a craft beer instead of just being a run of the mill lager. There’s a lack of head here that you’d normally find on a lager as well and it simply has a little froth on the top that goes away pretty quickly after pouring.

On the nose, it’s got lovely floral notes with grapefruit. There’s a clean aroma coming from the glass and a real sweetness that gets the tastebuds tingling.

The taste is crispy, hoppy, light, clean and has a slight bitter finish to it. The carbonation is very light here as well so I think this would be a great starter for anyone looking to move away from the standard big name lagers you’d find in pubs and switch to brews like this instead.

I enjoyed this for sure and feel it would work incredibly as a draught pint so we can watch sports and shout things like ‘go team’ while quaffing beers in bars of a weekend.

I’d give this 3.5 rowdybois out of 5



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