Electric Eye, Pale Ale (Big Smoke Brew Co)

Cracking the can is silent. For me, style-wise that’s either incredibly good storage or a note of concern regarding carbonation. I check the notes on the can while the sweet Citra smell wafts up my nose. Nothing. Throw caution in the face of the wind and proceed without abandon! – It’s game on!

Going in I tentatively sip, i’m a thirsty lad but i want to savor the first taste – the carbonation is very light and as i soon discover : it makes this a moreish tipple. I’m halfway down the can before I catch myself on. The review, Stu, the people need to know.

A well rounded session-style pale ale in my opinion. Light and crisp with a lingering finish and a a great lazy afternoon beer. I feel like this one came from a lab where they took all the best attributes of the style and painstakingly infused them into this pale ale. I feel like this is a rare and elusive but powerful Pokémon. She’s electric.

The tin art gives off a cool Dan Clowes vibe. The beer itself is beaut and I’m tackling it ice cold for best results. A sessionable sipper for sure and aching to be drank. 5%, 330 boi.

4 Mewtoo’s out of 5.


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