CATW PODCAST Episode 62 – Lockdown Pale Ale (Norn Iron Brewing Co.) and Bira 91 White (B9 Beverages)

Happy birthday Stu!

This week, Seán and Stu get together on Skype to ramble about cancel culture, tearing down statues, a big furlough conspiracy, share some beer news and answer some questions from listeners, amongst other big chat.

The beers featured this week are the Lockdown Pale Ale by Norn Iron Brewing Co. and Bira 91 White by B9 Beverages.

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You can listen to our very latest podcast HERE :

Episode 82 – Low Tide Pale Ale (Shipyard) Cans Across The World

In this episode, Seán chats about eating bugs & sustainability, putting up the C*******s Tree too early, the progress of his home brew, ancient Irish hill forts, winter solstice, answers some listener questions and discusses the beer news of the week. The alcohol free beer sampled in this episode is the Low Tide Pale Ale by Shipyard brewing.
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