Vedett Extra White (Duvel Moortgat)

Here I am again. The sucker for a gimmick. If it’s weird I’ll wanna try it. With that in mind let’s get our nosebuds around this little number :

Nothing too mad on the nose from this 330 glass boi. Diving straight in there is quite a bland Lager-centric initial taste giving way to the presence of coriander : the most overpowering of herbs. Once you get past the Chinese parsley you can detect a slight hint of zest in the finish. This is not soup stock and I wish it was, that way it could be reviewed by a soup-themed blog and podcast. Cans (of soup) Across The World perhaps?

The flavour is bit like wine except with a salad stuffed down into the bottle. By that I mean the coriander is in full effect. I can see someone out there really loving this but i’m not that person. That person wears polo necks and talks at length about how Communism has never really been tried “properly”.

It’s classification is a belgian white beer. The type of beer you drink with a slice of fruit in it. It might be nice with snow melon. Have you ever had snow melon? Thats some seriously good melon. But then why ruin a perfectly good snow melon?

I’d relent that this one is certainly interesting but I would not go as far to say it’s enjoyable. The bland taste becomes watery over time which is almost a blessing.

1 harsh but fairs out of 5

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