Tangerine Suncrush (Suncrush Beverage)

There’s something very special about mixed cases isn’t there? What treasures will be revealed ? What new discoveries will be unearthed? Your new favorite brewery could potentially be in the next box. Those brews could be delicious, or absolutely bogging. Schrodinger’s mixed case….

This 355ml boi came from one of said boxes of mystery. The tin was eye catching to start off with – there’s something quite 60’s about the design and the slightly bigger size made it an easy target for a thirsty reviewer.

The smell is as Orangey as the color. There’s fields of it. Orchards? Farms? Orange groves? I used to work on one when we were backpacking in New Zealand (Shout out to Relax-A-Lodge!). It’s the tangerine end of an Orangeade (or “Orange Soda” as Keenan and Kel would have us pronounce it)

The pour is pale orange and hazy.

The taste is watery and slightly bitter on the finishline, not a full flavor and not as sweet as i was hoping/expecting. From the first sight this one has been diluting in my expectations and the sip has confirmed it.

It is made with Matcha Green tea and contains real crushed fruit which may account for the thin taste but to be honest it verges on watery. I’m perplexed by the smell which is ultimately fuller than it tastes. It feels like false advertising or when Rian Johnson “defied expectations” and gave us nothing resembling a Star Wars film.

This feels like it should be the beer ingredient in a bigger beer-based cocktail.

This tin is not a night-ender by any standards coming in at 4.2% ABV. The sticker underneath tells me it was imported by Hardywood Park craft brewery.

I won’t be going back to this one anytime soon. There’s just not enough flavour there for me.

2 canoe sessions out of 5


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