CATW PODCAST Episode 60 – Jamestown NEIPA (Thornbridge Brewing) + Smashed Lager 0% (Drynks Unlimited)

Rejoice! Seán and Stu finally met up for a beer and a socially distanced chat in person after months in lockdown. In this episode, they discuss the lockdown effects on mental health, 5G conspiracy and more. The lads also try out the non-alcoholic Smashed Lager from Drynks Unlimited as a taster ahead of No Craic November**.

**No Craic November is the annual charity effort by Cans Across The World where we give up booze for a month and pick a charity to raise money for. Last year, we raised £238 for Assisi Animal Sanctuary and we’ll be picking this year’s charity soon but feel free to drop us a line with suggestions for charities to support with our effort 🙂

Massive thanks to Drynks Unlimited for sending us a few can samples of their non-alcoholic beers and ciders. You can check them out at

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