King Midas, Golden Ale (Hilden / Brewhive)

Today is #BeerDayNI ! (June 15th) We’re celebrating local brews and todays review is a nifty collaboration with Hilden Brewing and Brewhive!

A messenger arrived early this morning – i have been summoned to have an afternoon brew in the garden today, by royal decree. We’re in the presence of Midas himself….

The King announces his arrival with a stinky sweet aroma, telegraphed from afar. The smell literally fills the air. There’s a wealth of the malty and musty.

Its a scorcher of a day and the brew fills my mouth like an invading army sweeping across the arid land. Refraining slightly I take it in slowly, savoring the profile a little.
There’s an inherent sweetness that comes with the body, a golden ale taste that holds an undercurrent of pepper and citrus. Or to translate into CATW-speak : it’s nice.

It’s a savory brew that reminds me of some Mead profiles I’ve tasted. In saying that a drop of honey would make a welcome addition or accompaniment to this one.

Theres flavour by the bucket in King Midas. The boasts on the bottle indicate this is due the Slovenian hop – Aurora. I’m not getting the tropical promises but the body is strong. It’s Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. It’s Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s lifting heavy things…..

Here at CATW we already hold a special place in our heart for Hilden. A homegrown pride associated with geographical brewing, but thankfully they’ve played another blinder here.

A manageable 4% 330ml glass boi that sits well in the context of a lazy afternoon or lunch beer. 3.2 crowns out of 5. All hail the king.

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