Hazy Little Thing IPA (Sierra Nevada)

Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Think IPA session edition is today’s little supermarket pick up can. It comes in the form of a 330mlboi and has a healthy abv of 4.6%.

It pours a hazy amber colour with the standard white head we’ve come to know and love about these session IPAs. On the nose, it’s got citrusy notes with pine and smells really pleasantly floral.

The taste is a standard hazy IPA with a session-able light carbonation about it. It’s not challenging at all and is a really mellow drink. There’s a slight bitterness to it which is nice as well.

There isn’t a lot of depth here but I guess if you’re just hanging out and you’re looking for a beer that isn’t too wildly out there, this is your guy.

I’d give this 3.2 cactus bois out of 5


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