Dancing Bier (Magic Rock Brewing)

Think of this post as some sort of time capsule. For me : it’s March 2020. For you guys it’s June 2020. What have you been up to? You’re looking well…

Here the Corona virus has started locking down the bars and restaurants. Festivals and gigs have all been cancelled. Kenny Rogers died today (from natural causes). We’re all slagging celebrities for singing ‘Imagine’ and gurning about being isolated in their £12m mansions, while the rest of us fight over toilet paper. It’s a strange time.

I’m sure the world is a very different place now. You guys have probably got the flying car by now.

I speak to you from the ancient past with a review of Dancing Bier, a German-style lager from the peeps at Magic Rock Brewing.

The wheat whiff from this 4.5% boi is strong enough but nothing too abrasive. Plunging right in and the flavour is straight down the line in terms of a hefty lager taste – nice, crafted but nothing out-of-the-ordinary. There’s crispness there but overall it’s a musty brew and a distinctly German lager vibe.

In my time this was considered a modern beer style. Do they brew it in May/June 2020?

For me it’s hard to get excited about it. It’s enjoyable but i wouldn’t say i’m a massive fan. Magic Rock have put out some real bangers but also a few that just missed the mark for me (in my humble prehistoric opinion). For me this is a filler track on an album. It’s a B-side.

It’s also a re-occurring criticism from Sean and i, but i feel like i must state it: the tin art. The tins all look the same. I agree it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of beer-reviewing but it does matter when it comes to grabbing it off the shelf. The tins all look the same and at a glance it makes for a chore.

Anyway i better go. They’re talking about having people work from home next! Things are getting crazy….

3 cave paintings out of 5


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