Milk Stout Milk Shake (Wiper And True)

Do you ever sit and really think about Space? It’s madness. The cosmos is absurd! Not to mention the almost infinite size of it all. There’s that theory that the shockwave from the big bang is still going, and that eventually it’s going to slow right down and begin to roll back. They reckon the universe will one day fold back in on itself.

Now that i’ve put things into perspective for you – here’s a Milk Stout Milkshake from Wiper And True and it’s got a picture of a space shuttle on it!

First off I’m a sucker for the label. It’s elegant and distinctive. This is a 330ml glass boi, 5.6% ABV and a promise of 19 IBU.

This is a smooth stout on the nose – dark, roasted and malty with rich coffee undertones. A great smell but not quite giving up the goods just yet….

To taste there is a smooth silky flavour which reveals the dark roasted coffee notes. It’s thick and rich with a slightly sweet finish. This is simply a great milky stout with subtle chocolate and vanilla notes. I’d love to get into some interstellar Milkyway punnage or space references to describe it, but to be honest i’m just blown away by the flavour. Much like air out of a decompressed air-lock.

It’s safe to say this is one of the smoothest and creamiest stouts I think I’ve ever had. It’s Barry White covered in baby oil on a bed of silk smooth. Delicious stuff. These guys are a new brewery to me but they’ve certainly caught my attention with this number. I’m looking forward to seeing what else they have to offer.

4.2 astro bois out of 5.

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