Cocoa Wonderland, Chocolate Porter (Thornbridge Brewing)

Sometimes you grab a beer that just feels naughty. You know that feeling? Like adding sprinkles to Ben and Jerrys. Or wearing Mandalorian armour to a job interview. Cocoa Wonderland fits neatly into that bracket of mischief. Lets do this.

This one smells like a standard porter but with a dark and full coffee aroma. The sniff test provides a subtle hint of dark chocolate and alluring smoothness.

The flavour doesn’t really kick in until the mid-taste and it is deliciously decadent death-by-chocolate affair. The aftertaste is a smooth dark chocolate orgy. That’s the best way i can describe it and the reason i’m being hounded by the British Guild Of Beer Writers…

The taste reminds me of the Marshmallow Chocolate Porter by Bad Co Brewing that we tackled on the blog, but a bigger, more defined flavour. This one would make a lovely sipper by the fire on a Christmas night. It’s rich and sweet and sexy as all hell.

As you can see from the label it contains Lactose. For those of you who are not aware – Lacto (or “Lactious simmilus virilius“) are a tiny microbe that contains pure distilled sunshine and microscopic chocolate factories. True bill.*

Personally – I’ve had a love / hate relationship with Thornbridge over the year, their offerings seem to be a ‘like it’ or ‘loathe it’ scenario for my tastebuds – but this is a definite winner in my book. I love this. Drinking this makes me happy. (British Guild here we come!)

4.5 Pulitzers out of 5.

(*may not be true and may in fact be used for comic effect)

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