Pot Kettle Black – South Pacific Porter (Yeastie Boys)

Today’s absolute weapon is the Pot Kettle Black South Pacific Porter by New Zealand based brewing company Yeastie Boys (yes, New Zealand… Like Lord of The Rings!)

This can clocks in at 6% ABV and sits at 50 IBU. I’ve poured it and let it settle as with all porters/stouts, they’re brews that you’re supposed to take your time with. Just relax, the can ain’t going anywhere but down your hatch!

On the nose, it smells quite malty and there’s a distinct chocolate coffee aroma about it. On the tongue, it’s quite dark, hoppy, smooth and totally rich in that full bodied roasted coffee flavour.

There’s an enjoyable light carbonation about this and I find myself really chilling out to appreciate the slow, steady journey the brew wants to take me on. It’s an old man sitting by a fire in a dated pub, telling a story that seems to go on forever. It’s a pleasant experience and you don’t want to leave.

To sum up, I’ve really enjoyed this and as with all the Yeastie Boys beer I’ve tried so far, it’s super flavoursome and tasty. Fair play lads, you’ve made this wee man very happy!

I’d give this 3.8 Flight of the Conchords out of 5



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