Cerveza Sabor a Tequila (Brasserie Licorne)

I had a pretty terrible time with a tequila beer in Spain. The Gordon Xplosion nearly put me off the style for life – so I approach this one with absolute caution.

First off there’s a friendly skull on the can wearing a sombrero, so my mind is instantly put at ease. A boney boy with a hat and a smile beckons me to have a sniff. The smell informs me that everything is going to be alright.

And it is.

This is a more natural and juicy version of that Desperado-style formula. Delicious. It clocks in at 5.9% and is easy to get through. The taste is thin but thirst quenching and refreshing – exactly the formula for a sessionable (not in the traditional sense) afternoon sipper. Not loaded with the chemical or sugary syrup taste that plagues this style.

My faith has been restored. It’s not quite bells and whistles with this boy but therein lies the charm. Judge the style all you want but this one is a straight up all-rounder.

4 MexiCANS out of 5

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