Mojo (NEIPA, Stone Barrel Brewing)

Popping into The Hop House (Bangor, County Down) i was recommended this sleek little number from Stone Barrel Brewing. Luckily for me Sean was running late for our meeting, which gave Mojo and i time to get acquainted. And doubly lucky for me it was the last can in stock! Sean is gonna be raging!

This is an IPA in the New England style and as you can see from the tin it’s got a personality all of its own. The smell is a delicious tropical whiff boasting pineapple and mango/passion fruit. It pours with an inviting hazy murk.

Oats cream shines through in the taste. It’s verging on that slick oily DIPA feel that i find intoxicating and still light enough not to make it a challenge. Two sips in and i’ve decided i could drink this for days. Slowly and with purpose.

I’m enjoying it so much that i send Stone Barrel a message thanking them for making this brew.

This one is brewed out of Third Barrel Brewing, Dublin. We were lucky enough to meet up with those guys at the Portrush Beer Festival and they could not have been sweeter or more accommodating when it came to 2 eejits running a beer blog and podcast. So this beer is in good company.

“Mojo IPA is a blend of 2 New Englands and a German Wheat beer yeast, Hopped to fuck with Denali, El Dorado and Vic Secret hops. An all together arrogant beast. “

Big fan. 4.5 rocky kegs out of 5


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