Pistonhead x3 Mixer Pack (Brutal Brewing)

Pistonhead Flat Tire is the first can out of the pack and it’s a sneaky one in regards to the alcohol content. If you’re looking to get into this can, make sure you grab the one that isn’t the low alcohol version (0.5% ABV). Check the ABV at the back to make sure it’s the 4.5% ABV version. No worries here though, I’ve picked up the boozy boxy version so we’re flying.
On the nose, it’s hoppy as all heck with notes of citrus & tropical fruits but I’m thirsty so I get stuck straight in. Right off the bat, there’s a moderate carbonation to it and it’s not overpowering at all. It’s middle of the road and really quite refreshing. The taste is malty with a light caramel tone to it and a great start to this little tasting session.
All in all, it’s a lovely little tipple and I’d happily have it again. Actually, I’d be keen to see what this could do on draught as it would probably be lovely coming straight out of the keg.

I’d give this 3.6 Michelin mans out of 5

Next up is the Pistonhead Full Amber lager. It’s the heftiest in ABV out of the 3 offerings from today as it’s 6% in a 330ml can. On the nose, it’s got grapefruit and all sorts of delicious fruity notes flying out of the tin there. As in the previous brew, the carbonation here is moderate too and it drinks very smoothly, despite its higher percentage. Although, we’ve found that you can get a high ABV 12.5% beer that drinks like orange juice so it makes sense that this would be easily drank as well. On the tongue, I’m getting dark caramel, malt and pilsner style flavours from this and it’s pleasant enough. Although, as a lager, the carbonation isn’t really shining through so it feels like a pale ale than lager in body. All in all? A grand wee tipple but again, would it be class on draught? Only time will tell!

I’d give this a 3.3 Amberbois out of 5

Lastly, we’ve gotten to the Pistonhead Kustom Lager, a 4.6% ABV lager. It’s the 3rd of our 3 cans from the pack and its been a grand wee afternoon so far. We’re in more or less in isolation, the quaranTUNES are banging and the sun is shining through the window saying ‘feck the virus, come play’. But anyway, might as well sit and drink a few tins for the purposes of reviewing. On the nose, you’re getting fruity citrusy notes and you can really smell the unmistakable lager smells flying out of the open tin. On the tongue, it’s bursting with flavour and it feels like it doesn’t really know what it wants to be. Yes, it’s a lager but normally a lager is just a bog standard, one dimensional thing that you can quaff in abundance without really thinking about the taste of it. But here, you’re getting a lager that isn’t afraid to go beyond the pale and be a bit different with its fruity zesty flavour profile and body. It was lovely and I’ll look out for this in the summer, it’ll be class on a hot day after being chilled in the fridge for a few hours.

I’d give this a 3.9 zestybois out of 5


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