Revolucion Xplosion (Tequila Flavoured Beer, Gordon)

I have professed my love for a Desperado on a number of occasions. It’s a great grab and go beer, filling the role of both night starter and night ender. With that in mind i thought i’d grab this one from the local and see how it tastes.

This hefty 9% ABV, 500ml boi seems like it’s going to be an experience to get through but if it’s anything like my other favourite tequila-flavoured beer we’re going to be in for a good time.

Cracking it open the smells is very like a Desperado but obviously a lot stronger.
Initial taste is a refreshing and crisp HOLY JEBUS WHAT THE ABSOLUTE FECK IS THIS AND WHY ???


First hit is enjoyable, light and crisp but the middle taste is like petrol. Or pure tequila. Mixed with petrol. At 9% you have to expect some sort of bite but this one is an eye opener. And it doesn’t let up with the aftertaste. Its like taking a chaser of tequila. And it’s harsh.

This was an absolute struggle to get through. It’s the Tennents Super of tequila-beer. If you love the style but want something that literally makes your taste buds question reality then this is the one for you. Personally, i enjoy my taste-sanity.
0.5 por favors out of 5


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